We are glad you are here!

Welcome to Spires Life Church and welcome to Information Central. You may have noticed the desk in the foyer of the church, this is the Information central desk! The staff here will be able to help you with all of your questions or point you in the direction of the person that can best help you out! Below youll find all of the things that we think you may need, let us know if you have any additions or suggestions!

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First Steps

Im here, now what should I do?

Your first steps in any church is exciting and can be daunting too. We have a few documents that may be able to help you with your first few times here at Spires Life Church. Please dont hesitate to get in touch if you need more assistance!

  • Welcome To Spires Life Church
  • Our Values and Mission
  • Why God? What do we believe?
  • Baptism Information
  • Should I join a connect group?
Become A Partner

Many churches have Church Members but we prefer to refer to our members as Partners!

What does becoming a church partner involve, what are the benefits and how do we do it?

  • Church Partnership Information
  • Check the events calendar
  • Elvanto Information

Churches only function due to the hard work of their volunteers. We love our volunteers!

Please check out the information below concening volunteering, seminars and more at Spires Life Church

  • Volunteer oppurtunities
  • Criteria for volunteers
  • Register your interest
Spires Media

Reaching the world through technology

Our media team works hard to make Spires Life Church accessible to everyone. Find resources below that you can use to help us in our mission!

  • Spires Logo
  • Spires posters and resources
  • Social Media resources
  • Access to the Media Resources